Back To Wood

Why back to wood? Have you ever sat on a plastic lawn chair thats been in the hot sun? Ouch!!  Well, why not just put your back to wood.

Western Red Cedar (WRC) has a high thermal co-efficient. What does that mean to you? Your chair or bench will remain cool to sit on. It will not be hot to the touch.

WRC in its unfinished natural state, has a warm mellow tone of richly textured grain. It is a lightweight, geometrically stable wood that will remain straight for years to come. There is a natural oil in WRC that bugs don't like.This oil also helps to resist rotting and decay. This makes WRC a good choice for back yard pools,patios and they also look very natural in a garden area.

If left alone to age naturally, your WRC furniture will become silver-gray in color and the grain will raise slightly. Over a longer time the natural reaction between the zink hardware and cedar resin will produce dark streaks. If this coloring is not to your taste, you may want to use a wood sealer or stain.